Quick Lift – UBM Small Scissor Lift


Self-propelled UBM Quick Lift mini scissors allow operators to work safely and continuously at heights up to 5.9 metres when frequent platform re-positioning is required. Three-dimensional movement is controlled directly from the elevated platform. The compact footprint and tight turning radius of the self-propelled UBM Quick Lift mini scissor lifts make it the ideal choice for tasks demanding precise platform location in tight settings. Applications environments are similar to those listed under UB mini scissor lift series.

Unique features of the UBM model:

Platform-mounted joy-stick control of all movementMini Scissor Lift
Proportional control
Platform height-speed trade-offs imposed for operator safety
Dual wheel drive system

Other key features of the UBM model:
Ergonomic platform with non-slip floor and secure gating.
2x12V rechargeable battery power.
Non-marking wheels
Quick and smooth ascent, descent or relocation.
Emergency down valve
Dual control points including emergency stops.
Safety bars for maintenance
Spiral cable connection to the platform control unit.
Forklift pockets and tool box.
Prominent decals promoting responsible use.
Audible low voltage, descend and tilt alerts
Audible mounted flashing lights

Key Technical Specifications:

Quick Lift UBM12

Model UBM6 UBM8 UBM10 UBM12
Max Platform Height (m) 1.8 2.5 3.0 3.9
Max Working Height (m) 3.8 4.5 5.0 5.9
Rated Load (kg) 200 200 200 200
Stored Dimensions (m) 1.2×0.7×1.74 1.2×0.7×1.74 1.4×0.75×1.8 1.4×0.75×1.9
Platform Dimensions (m) 1.04×0.57×1.1 1.04×0.57×1.1 1.28×0.65×1.1 1.28×0.65×1.1
Voltage (V) 24 24 24 24
Total Weight (kg) 325 400 505 545
Power Rating (kW) 1.6 1.6 1.6 1.6
Max. Allow. Manual Force (N) 200 200 200 200
Photo Quick Lift UBM6 Quick Lift UBM8 Quick Lift UBM10  Quick Lift UBM12

With the Occupational Health and Safety requirement to combat the risks of aerial working accidents, these small scissor lifts offer real smart alternatives to ladders.