Service Lift

Up-Lift service lift is a sophisticated product and uses advanced machinery in ensuring the quality and reliability that is a feature of our service lifts (also known as dumb waiters). Up-Lift service lift products are produced under ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 and OHSMS18001 International Quality Environment & Safety System Certification.

The reliable drum drive and traction machines used in our service lift are robust, lightweight, low on noise and of high reliability.

Our control system features PLC microchip control technology and easy replacement relays. System has all the necessary safety interlocks and LED displays.

In addition, the digital floor level display function provides ease of operation. The failure code display of the PLC control also makes repair easier. The doors are childproof and cannot be opened unless the car is present and the stainless steel finish provides strength as well as ease of cleaning.

Up-Lift service lift is durable, and smooth to operate during both start-ups and stopping, empty and full-load conditions. It delivers the user maximum operating efficiency and value for money.

An Under-Bench Service Lift

Good receival located in the Garage

PLC and Electrical Controls